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Based IN Pittsburgh, PA

Lauryn Halahurich

You can find me working in dark, unknown conditions both at theatre venues or film sets capturing the complexity of actors, crew and the stories they weave together, capturing candid moments at events like The Fringe in Pittsburgh, PA, and photographing headshots and portraits.

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Hello, world. I’m Lauryn. You can call me Ryn. 

I take photos that tell stories. 

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been thinking, dreaming, and seeing the world through the lens of a camera. In my seven years as a professional photographer, I’ve found that the most visually magnificent moments in life are moments of motion. When dancers leap into the air, when actors traverse the stage, when directors thumb thoughtfully through a script, thinking no one is watching — their stories come alive. 

When I’m behind the camera, I capture those stories. 

I do my absolute best work when I can be a fly on the wall, photographing people doing their thing. Combined with this innate talent of mine, my lifelong love of film and theater has driven me into a specialty area of production photography. I often work with actors, directors, and production companies, onstage or on film sets, documenting not only the stories they tell, but the magic happening behind-the-scenes. When my clients look back at these photos weeks after their project has wrapped, they feel the heat of the stage lights, smell the summer air of the late-night shoot, and hear the director yell, “And… cut!” 

While some might say production photography is my niche, I breathe vibrant life into every shot I take, no matter the style or purpose — from headshots, to portraits, to professional branding sessions (ask me about these, cuz they’re pretty awesome), and beyond. 

Give me a call, and let’s tell your story. 

I am based in Pittsburgh, PA, but I am open to traveling if the project is right!


People Enjoy Working With Me

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Carrie Collins, Director

Lauryn always does a great job of capturing the scenes behind the scenes. They’re ninja-like in that you rarely know they’re there, but at the end of the day, they’ve created a beautiful portfolio of images that perfectly document the actors, the action, and the essence of the film. And they’re just a joy to work with. Highly recommend!