The Person Behind The Camera

Photo by Ilana Diamant

Photo by Ilana Diamant

Meet the Photographer

Thinking in camera shots. This is the best way Lauryn has found to explain how she can capture moments the way she does. With the launch of her company Those in Motion, Lauryn is working with theaters, actors, and production companies to capture magnificent moments on film.

She hopes these memorialized moments will be passed on to family and used to tell the stories of the actors, the crew, and the production itself. In each moment captured by Lauryn, you will see and almost hear a story being told by photographer and actor. This is one of the things that sets Lauryn a part in her field. Her focus on storytelling through photos and film, gives her work a depth and genuine reflection of the human experience she captures.

Lauryn first fell in love with film because of her dad and his love of film. Early on, Lauryn was exposed to a variety of storytelling methods using film which combined with her ability to see in the world in camera shots, gave way to a career path she couldn’t ignore.

Early in her career, Lauryn had the opportunity to write, shoot, and direct a short film that later found its way to Youtube and has over 60k views. This short film tackled difficult topics and was one of Lauryn’s first film projects. Her storytelling and camera angle viewpoint are vividly apparent in this film.

You can find Lauryn working in dark, unknown conditions in pop up theatre venues capturing the complexity of sets, actors, and the stories they weave together with the theatre crew. She captures candid moments at events like The Fringe in Pittsburgh, PA, Steeltown Entertainment Project, and your next theatre or film production.

Lauryn’s work has been featured in the Pittsburgh Current, Washington & Jefferson College, and countless social posts. Reach out today to find out how Lauryn can work with you to capture those magical on set moments.

“Lauryn takes fantastic photos and I couldn't be more happy with how they turned out!”