PROJECT: A Friend In Need

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Gaff Tape's Finest Filmmakers & A Prayer

A few times a year, across the world, filmmakers participate in the 48 Hour Film Project. It's one of those project where a bunch of creatives gather together for 1 weekend (the 48 hour part) to work on a something fun and get creative juices flowing. And everyone is on the same page on compensation - it's food, an ungodly amount of stress, a fun time (especially if you have the right team), and a finished film (which can be rarity sometimes in the indie scene.) It's almost always fun.

Who did I work with this year and what did they get?

For the 2024 Spring Pittsburgh Project I worked as the stills photographer for the combo team of Gaff Tape and a Prayer and Filmmakers Finest.

One of the genre's pulled this year for the group was film noir and the team quickly dove right into the project which resulted in some amazing photos, which I'm in the process of going through.

The final result is still to be determined. Once the film is shown, I'll updated this post with any awards and spoiler type photos galore. Right now, we gotta keep it under wraps.

It also resulted in some pretty interesting poster designs based off my photos, which you can view below.

Poster Design For This Film by India Jones