It was a bright day in August when Sarah and I ventured out to Moraine State Park for our photoshoot. Brighter than I would have liked, but the light we got on the dock a few hours after we arrived was worth it.

Sarah is an actor, one you might recognize if you’ve watched my film, Fuzzy on the Details. We hadn’t seen each since the filming of that project so this was our way of catching up. I got to get back into the swing of things after not being able to shoot for a few months and she got some new headshots and we were able to spend the the day catching up with each other.

She is probably one of the nicest most genuine people you’ll meet and talented as hell as an actress and for that reason, here are photos of Sarah being Sarah…to show her range of facial expressions as an actor. Yeah, that’s exactly why I’m sharing these.

If you want to see her more stoic photos check out this gallery.