Stand out at your next audition , on your company website, or on your LinkedIn profile with headshots that highlight your professional (or theatrical) side.

Choose Your Session

Premium Headshot Session

$1100+ tax

Premium Headshot Session

$1100+ tax

This package includes:
- up to 1 hour of shooting and up to 30 minutes for image selection
- 10 professionally retouched images included
- Private gallery containing all color-corrected images from the session.
- Personal and professional usage rights

Standard Headshot Session

$375 + tax

Standard Headshot Session

$375 + tax

This package includes:
- up to an 30 minutes of shooting and up to 15 minutes for image selection
-4 professionally retouched images included
- personal and professional usage rights
- Online Gallery To Select Included & Additional Images

Makeup, Hair & Styling

At this time, please come to the session camera ready. Makeup (if that's your thing) and hair done. There will be an area available in the studio to do any quick touch-ups.

If you have your own MUA or stylist, feel free to bring them with you to the studio. Just make sure you arrive camera ready. Your MUA is there for touchups and transitioning between looks.


What's Included?

- Natural retouching of selected images
- Licensed for personal and professional use
- Turnaround time: 4-7 days

- Natural retouching of 4 selected images
- Private online gallery of the rest of your of your session (color-corrected).
- Licensed for person and professional use.
-Turnaround time: 4-7 days.

Can I Buy More Photos?

Of course you can! After your session, we will go through the images to choose the retouched photos included in your package. During the process, if you're finding more photos you love, I'll add them to the retouching list. Each additional photo for retouching is $60. An invoice will be sent to you after the shoot for these images. Retouching of these additional images won't begin until that invoice is paid.

Don't like to choose, definitely take a look at the Premium Headshot package. You'll still need to pick 4 images for me to retouch, but you receive almost all the images from you session, high-res and color-corrected. Minus the non-artistically blurry, blinking, or awkward ones.)

Do you retouch my photo?

Light retouching is done on the photos selected during your session. Light retouching includes blemish removal, whitening of teeth and cleaned up flyaways, etc. I think people should look like themselves in the photos, pores, moles, scars and all.
If you're interested in a heavier retouch that can be discussed and comes with an additional fee.

Do you offer hair and makeup?

At the moment, no. But I'm in the process of finding few local hair stylists and makeup artists and these services will be available in the future, at an additional fee.

For now, come to your session with your hair and makeup already done. In studio, there will be space for you to do any touch-ups needed during the session.

Where do you shoot?

Headshots can either be done on location or in-studio.
For in-studio shoots, I currently switch between 3 different studios in the Pittsburgh area based on availability and accessibility. One studio is in Dormont, one is in Sheraden, and the other is in the South Side.
Sessions done on location are done with my portable setup, which includes a solid backdrop. Sessions more than 30 minutes outside of Dormont will incur a travel free.

How Many Outfits Can I Wear?

We'll shoot as many outfits during your shooting time as possible. For the Standard package, 2-3 outfits is most ideal. For a Premium session, we might be able to fit 4-5 outfit changes. But keep in mind with each outfit change you'll need to account for any hair or makeup fixes needed that will eat into your time.
Accessories and jackets are a great way to add some variety without doing a full outfit change.

Can I bring a friend to the shoot?

Feel free to bring someone with you, just make sure they are who will hype you up and you're comfortable around so that you're not nervous. All the studios have a lobby or sitting space for them to relax if they want want to wait there.

Anything I need to know about shooting with you?

This is supposed to be a fun experience. Get ready to come with all your emotions on your sleeve (or at least the ones you want to highlight during your shoot.
If you're an actor, have a small monologue prepared. Shooting through a monologue always creates some epic images.

Licensing: How Are You Allowed to Use Your Photos?

My licensing is simple: photos taken during dedicated Headshot sessions are for your personal and professional use. That means you can use purchased images on social media, printed up for your office, used in promotional materials by you or your agent/agency, on your website, or with articles you've written or other types of projects you're apart of.

For use in publications, I should be credited with having taken the photo.

There are some uses that are subject to additional licensing fees and royalties: Permission from me and applicable fees are required if you plan to use the images in national or regional advertising campaigns, journalistic works, book artwork (book covers and illustrations), album artwork, clothing, for sale products, etc. Third parties aside from your agency are not allowed to use images without a paying a licensing fee.

Difference Between Headshots and Portraits Sessions?

A headshot session focuses on capturing images from the chest up, usually on a solid backdrop but it can be done on location. A portrait session is more creative and could include a variety of compositions and backgrounds and lights.

What's the difference between retouching and color correction?

Color correction is the first layer of editing every photographer does. I edit images for color, contrast, highlights, shadows, etc. to match my style. Retouching is taking the color corrected image and adding a level of polish: mainly evening out skintone, whitening teeth, removing blemishes and cleaning up flyaways.

If you're still a bit confused here's a a cake analogy to explain this (cause yum, cake).

The image out of camera is the cake ingredients, color correction is making the cake and putting in the filing, and retouching is making it look amazing with the artful application of icing.

Do I have to wear makeup?

No, you don't. If you love our bare face, rock it!
Please note, I'll still only be doing light retouching on your photo. I won't editing you with makeup on after the fact.

Do you shoot on location?

I have a portable backdrop that I can bring on-location. These types of sessions are not always available and a fee is included.

Can I purchase more photos?

Of course you can! At the studio we'll go through and choose the retouched images included in your package, but if you're finding more photos you love to have retouched, I'll add them to the retouching list. Each photo outside of the packaged is $75. An invoice will be sent to you after the shoot. Editing of these additional images won't begin until that invoice is paid.

Please note, if you have Premium Session, you still get all the color corrected photos from your session. The purchase of additional images is for retouched images.

What is my deposit for?

A $100 non-refundable deposit is required at time of booking. It holds your spot, but it also goes towards the cost of your session. You'll finish paying at the end of the session once you've selected your included photos.