If you read my bio, you would know that I dove into theater and unit stills photography while in college in the mid-aughties. I started off with a Canon 60D. To get me started, my kit worked beautifully. But in a unit stills world that now has silent mirrorless cameras, having a 60D meant I was loud and being unable to shoot a good portion of the time while cameras are rolling. In 2018, I added a Fujifilm XT-3 to my arsenal so I had silent shooting, but when sound wasn't rolling my 60D was my go-to.

Recently, a few issues with the Canon started cropping up, I'm gonna guess mostly due to it's age. Those issues, plus wanting to move to full-frame, better autofocus and low-light capabilities and thus be much more hire-able to companies outside of my indie film and theather friend group, pushed me to upgrade. (I still love my indie productions, don't worry.)

In mid-October, after months of planning and saving, and most importantly, flip-flopping between sticking with Canon and getting an R6 or making the jump to Sony, I finally did it. I upgraded my kit to be a fully mirrorless kit with the help of Missy at YM Camera. (Not sponsored. I just really appreciate their help.) And I traded in all my Canon gear...after almost a decade. It's a bit weird, trust me. But finally having dual SD cards on both of my cameras is definitely worth it.

I'm excited to announce that my set-up is now fully mirrorless (which means completely silent when needed) with a Sony A7IV and a Fujifilm XT-3.

You can check out my current equipment list here.

The next few weeks will be fun as I take the camera on a test run to get it properly setup for my needs. There are so many buttons on this camera...I don't know what to do with them all at the moment, but I already have on set to switch from mechanical to electronic shutter.

If you're interested in working together on an upcoming project, don't hesitate to reach out!