Enter a Heading

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you’re enjoying the time to be home with family or friends this holiday season.

This year brought a lot of changes that I’ll go into another day, but in relation to Christmas, this was my first Christmas as an adult. Not legally an adult, that happened awhile ago, but socially. 2018 was the first year my parent’s home was not my primary residence when the holidays rolled around. So Thursday evening I packed up the car with a suitcase, my camera gear, and presents and drove the 10 hours south.

Now, if you ask anyone, my family and I tend to be workaholics. Even during the holidays we work when it’s not time to open presents or have Christmas Dinner. That tradition continued this year.

While they ran their business, I spent my holiday, relaxing and watching Netflix, yes, but mainly catching up on some editing work, photo delivery, website updates, and admin work for Those In Motion.

I also used the time home to test out my new 70-200mm lens, a lens I have been waiting to purchase for four years. My subjects: the family menagerie of pets..

Now, I consider myself a people photographer, not a pet photographer. However, my nonchalant, in the moment style of shooting apparently works well with pet photography. The premise is simple, let the subject be themselves and the photos will find their way to your SD card, as long as it’s in the camera and the lens cap is off. And the pets were moving, so it technically fits the name of those in Motion

Now, if you can’t tell this post was all a ruse to show off the cuteness that is the pets of my family. So meet the furballs that make it a pleasure to come home when they aren’t trying to knock me over and lovingly bite the crap out of me *cough* Mya *cough*.

And Merry Christmas!